All our clients can have lunch or dinner “à la carte” without having booked half-board or full-board.

Breakfast is included in our services. Our guests can either choose to take breakfast in the restaurant, downstairs or at our terras on the topfloor. We offer a wide range of fruits, pancakes, fresh squeezed orange juice, thee, coffee, cheese, eggs, etc.

A lot of our customer’s choose half pension. This seems to be a perfect mix between the wide variety of restaurants & the outdoor restaurant area of Jemaa El Fna & the relaxing luxury of our home cooking.
Price = 24 €  day / pp (adult)  – Price = 15 €  day / pp (child < 12 yrs)

For those travelers who want to be spoiled by our staff, we offer an all inclusive formule. You will be taken into the amazing culinair experience of oriental salads, tagines, lamb, chicken, kefta, pastilla’s, Avocado cream’s, chocolat delights and much more.

Price = 40 €  day / pp (adult)  – Price = 26 €  day / pp (child < 12 yrs)

Candlelight dinner by the pool or on the spot of your choice.
Appetizers/aperitif, 5 dishes, wines, coffee or mint tea
Price = 60 €  / pp (adult)

(As from 19h30)


Oriental hummus
Vegetable rolls
Rice salad with tuna, corn and tomato
Triple Moroccan salad
(aubergine, tomato, courgette)
Tabbouleh with fresh mint
Avocado puree with herbs

Main dishes

Chicken tajine with apricots or plumsor figs and grilled almonds
Chicken tajine with candied lemons and green olives
Chicken tajine with vegetables
Lamb tajine with figs and caramelised tomatoes
Lamb tajine with onions and dried grapes
Lamb tajine with vegetables
Beef tajine with plums and grilled almonds
Beef tajine with vegetables
Kefta tajine with tomatoes and egg
Kefta tajine with potatoes and olives
Berber tajine (vegetarian)
Tanjia Marrakchia

Couscous with chicken
Couscous with lamb
Couscous royal
Steamed vermicelli with chicken
Filled peppers with kefta and rice
Chicken pastille


‘Riad O’ dessert: avocado cream, yoghurt, strawberries or peaches (according to season)
‘Riad O’ panna cotta
Pastilla milk and grilled almonds
Pastilla with seasonal fruits
Fresh fruit salad with orange blossom
Fruit skewer with chocolate
Chocolate treat
Caramelised pear
Ice cream

(Served between 12h and 16h30)


‘Riad O’ Salad
Vegetable omelette
Sandwiches with tuna
Sandwiches with chicken
Sandwiches vegetarian (avocado, tomato,…)
Sandwiches with cheese
Toasts cheese, tuna, turkey
Croque monsieur
Mini-hamburgers ‘Riad O’ (2)
Mini-hamburgers turkey (2)
Pasta bolognaise
Pasta vegetarian
Pasta salad
Skewers chicken
Skewers kefta


Moroccan pastry
Fresh fruit salad
Moroccan pancakes with honey (2)